I am taking part in Mondays Finish the Story 23/02/2015, which is a challenge that provides a photo prompt and the opening sentence to your story. The rules indicate that the story you come up with must be between 100-150 words.

The link below takes you to Part Eleven

Ermilia typewriter

The old typewriter had a mind of its own.

Battered beyond recognition, it was found among the remains and rubble after an explosion in the hideout belonging to Diamond Jack next to Rattle Snake river. Jack was killed outright by a bomb, the typewriter survived, and the ribbon provided a valuable clue. One word was indented in capitals on the ribbon, DICKUS.

Jack had managed to leave a clue that miraculously survived the blast.

Marg was contacted and with the sad news came a summons to a meeting with the Brigadier and Don Francisco on the Mysterious Island. This was to be a mission that would involve many operatives from the two organisations and Marg would take charge of the Brigadiers section.
The training was intensive and Marg was well pleased with the teams performance. Her opposite number and right hand was Bella, a tough operative from Don Francisco’s organisation.
A serious warning threat arrived out of the blue……………..

(150 words)

To be continued…………..

The link below takes you to Part Eleven




Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

19 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (12)

  1. What next? 🙂 Another great chapter John! Thank you for participating again, and I hope that you return next week to create another chapter to your lovely ongoing tale! Be well… ^..^

  2. So, a very handy clue was found on the typewriter. You worked that in nicely to fit in wiith this week’s prompt. I’m very impressed you’ve kept your series going for so long. The indomitable Marg keeps going strong. Well done, John. 🙂

    • Try it Eric ~ I am enjoying the challenge of weaving the storyline into Bab’s excellent prompts. I never know what to expect ~ This is the Twelfth consecutive week so far 🙂

  3. I had to laugh at the message found on the ribbon. I remember that so well. Reading the ribbons to find out who said what. Haha! I had forgotten this little bit of info. Looking forward to the next clue in the series.

    • Thanks Joy!~ That ribbon effect seemed to be lodged in my memory and popped up as soon as I saw the typewriter~ I’m glad you are enjoying the series so far ~ 🙂

    • Thanks Ali ~ Like all good executives I think Marg has many right hands to proffer help and advice. Although that could be a good diversion. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment on this my friend. 🙂

  4. wow.. you are also continuing on the Diamond Jack story.. thats a good idea. it lets you put in lot more adventure in the story. nice take.

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