I am taking part in Mondays Finish the Story 02/03/2015, which is a challenge that provides a photo prompt and the opening sentence to your story. The rules indicate that the story you come up with must be between 100-150 words.

The link below takes you to Part Twelve



© Image provided by Barbara Beacham ,

When it came to a challenge Jim Smiley had to jump right in”.

Marg smiled when these words popped into her mind, she was on a dull flight to meet up with the team in Paris, France. Bored on the aeroplane, Marg was reading a collection of short stories, by Mark Twain. ‘The French eat Frogs legs, don’t they?’, smiling to herself. Marg took everything with a pinch of salt, especially food for thought.
The threat of an attack by the lab rat Dickus was imminent and very real. The Brigadier and the two teams of operatives were meeting in the city to flush the sinister Dickus and his henchmen out of their hideout before they struck. They intended to attack Dr Dickus at his casino, oddly named the “Jumping Frog”, situated on the banks of the river Seine.
Marg was met by Bella at the Charles de Gaulle airport and picked up the rest of the team. Then came a shock, Angelo……..

(150 words)

To be continued…………..

The link below takes you to Part Twelve




Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

21 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (13)

  1. Think I’d like to get to part 1 first. Do you have a page set up for the links?
    Or can you put a link in for part 1 so we can start at the beginning?

    Thanks for stopping by. The vocabulary came from the MLM prompt. They post a prompt every day. Cheers, Jules

  2. What does Angelo do? I guess I will just have to wait for the next installment! Thanks John for participating! I am glad that you are sticking with this challenge. Each week I find myself anticipating what will happen next with Marg and the team! Love it, and see you next week! Be well… ^..^

    • Thanks Joy ~ I have put them all together on another web site we have and they blend together very nicely ~ Thanks for your very welcome response.

  3. I love the way you bring in the frogimage, John. That was clever.Then the mention of Angelo right at the end leaves us with another great cliffhanger. You’ll soon have a book about the intrepid Marg’s exploits . . . I wonder what will happen next? 🙂

    • I suspect there is a sensational twist in the offing Ali ~ Watch this space, Dickus is definately a wriggly character on past form ~ Thanks for your great response 🙂

  4. Many thanks Millie ~ The weaving of Bab’s interesting prompts into the flow of the story is a great form of writing practise. I think I will thread them all together into a novella eventually. ~ 🙂

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