Pen n tonic Creative Expressions

Each week on Tuesday Pen’n’Tonic will post a word, a phrase, a picture, or an idea that will constitute a prompt from which to submit a poem, a flash fiction piece (not longer than 250 words), an original photograph, an original artwork, or a combination of these things that you think applies to the week’s theme.

This week, I give you for your prompt one of my own original paintings entitled “Abandoned.” Need I say more? Get writing. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.




Image (c) supplied by Pen’n’tonic

by John Yeo

We have been travelling through the Winter storm for hours. The horses pulling the sleigh are badly in need of rest and food. We are desperately looking for shelter and we are a long way off our planned route. The storm, although abated now has been very fierce.
Then as the sun sets on the horizon, a house looms up, outlined and pictured beautifully in the dimming twilight. There are no lights burning and the chimneys are not smoking, we also find it strange there are no footprints in the snow to reveal a path to the front door. Quite spooky really!
We are not surprised to find no-one at home and we manage to stable our horses in an outbuilding attached to the house. As we enter, we are puzzled to find an unfinished meal for two in the dining-room and signs of a hasty departure. The occupants have left without even bothering to lock the doors and windows. We decide to settle down for the night and keep warm and as comfortable as possible. We light a fire and and eat food from tins stacked in the well stocked larder, there is even a bottle of good quality wine. Very tired from our journey we settle down for the night.
The next morning the reason behind the hasty abandonment of this house becomes clear. We have wandered into an abandoned village near a huge nuclear power complex. There is a signpost along the way that reads CHERNOBYL 2 

(250 words)
Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved