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Each week on Tuesday Pen’n’Tonic will post a word, a phrase, a picture, or an idea that will constitute a prompt from which to submit a poem, a flash fiction piece (not longer than 250 words), an original photograph, an original artwork, or a combination of these things that you think applies to the week’s theme.

“This week, I give you another of my own original photographs.”


Image © penntonic.wordpress.com


by John Yeo

We have been here now for ten long years.
The sun rises daily in a clear blue sky
We are privileged to be here,
We have all we need.

Fish from the depths of a warm blue sea
Fruits of the earth are plentiful and sweet.
Cut off from the hustle and bustle of life.
Time passes slowly.

We rely on the boat for news and supplies,
The weather is usually kind and clear
Tornadoes or cyclones are threatened
Sometimes very near.

Our way of life is envied by many.
We are lucky to be living in paradise.
The grass is always greener over there.
Before the boredom sets in.

I would sit and dream of a carefree life
When on the beach passing time.
A life full of labour saving machines.
Cashpoints, the city and super cars.

Theatre, cinema and fast moving lives,
Clubs and shops full of luxury goods.
Fashion and interesting super malls,
With people everywhere.

Education, opportunities, time to save
Rushing from home to the office,
Mixing with folk from around the world.
Enjoying life to the full.

Then I would turn and look into your eyes
Stretch and leisurely take your hand,
Smile sweetly and say
“Perhaps we will book a holiday in the city.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “PARADISE

  1. It sounds ideal. Why not take advantage of living in paradise a majority of the time and just visit the “fast lane” of life just once in a while. I’ll take it!

  2. A holiday in the city John, its always a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. As a country boy I love where I live…..a good take on the photo you are right such a place would take you well away from the hustle bustle of city/urban life…..

    • I agree Michael we live in a little town near the coast ~ I worked in the heart of London for many years ~ I would be loathe to return ~ Thanks for your nice comment 🙂

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