For today’s prompt, write an across the sea poem. This could be a love letter, an electronic submission through cyber space and time, or a travel poem (by air or sea, though probably not car). Modern travel or back in the days of rugged explorers. Wandering or wondering, your choice. As always, the prompt is just the springboard to your poem; feel free to bend and break.

Sea of Tranquillity

Image from the net


by John Yeo

On a clear night you will see

A blue planet spinning free.

As I float here in a gaseous cloud

On the rocky shores of our mystical sea

Of tranquillity.


Our home is here on the rocky shore,

We were visited by these primitives before.

They arrived wearing massive unwieldy suits

Bouncing around the far shore of our sea

Of tranquillity.


We lunar people are composed of gas

Our life is tranquil, we will stay free,

We bathe and feed and refresh our minds

In our sea of invisibility, the magical lunar sea

Of tranquillity.


We know the primitives will return,

We will do our best to keep protected

Before our moon is seriously infected

By an alien primitive mass, invading our sea

Of tranquillity.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic asides blog on “Writers Digest”