When Writing Becomes A “Need to…”

A very inspiring piece of work for writers everywhere ~

Thinking out loud with Demme

Writing is (for some of us) a “thing” we keep trying to do.  A ‘thing” that we NEED to do to keep ourselves sane in an impossibly insane world.  We attempt to fit our “writing” into our busy schedules…because if we don’t…we suffer for it. It is a noble attempt on our part to keep ourselves pleasant company for others as well. Writers who do not write…get grumpy and miserable…no one likes to deal with such people, now do they?

Trying to make time to do the things that keep us happy (and well?) becomes a little like attempting to “nail Jello to a wall”, doesn’t it?   We keep trying to find the TIME to do these “things”, we use different “tools” to get there, deciding to write our thoughts down on scraps of paper (napkins, tissue, receipts?) whatever’s handy when that “thought” hits us.  You know, that “thought” that is…

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