Picture it and Write ~ THE SHAMAN

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As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia



by John Yeo

The shaman had many tricks up his sleeve to help him perform his healing miracles. He was a travelling healer practising his trade with the use of herbs and complex spells to communicate with the spiritual world. One day he came to our village with a following and began to have visitors from the surrounding area as his fame spread rapidly. When an important lady from our village, the wife of a hunter, became very sick the shaman was called to work his magic to make her well. The shaman spent many minutes in a trance before he began, suddenly he shouted at the top of his voice! “Everybody leave at once!” The people were in awe of the reputation of this man, they responded immediately, leaving the shelter, except for her son little Oki, who hid in a corner behind some skins. The shaman chanted prayers and prepared ointment that he rubbed on the woman’s brow and heart. Oki was shocked when he produced a shiny knife from beneath his cloak and began to sharpen the edge of the blade, then to his horror his mother groaned as the knife cut into her chest. Oki leapt from his hiding place and shouted: “Stop!” The shaman, who was in a trance and unable to respond turned to Oki and lashed out with his ceremonial knife. Oki sustained a lethal wound, but in his death throes he took the dagger and plunged it into the shaman killing him instantly. Several hours later the villagers discovered three dead people in the shelter and burnt it to the ground.

Some time later the shiny multi-coloured knife was discovered in the ashes.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved. image