Sunday Photo Fiction – June 21st 2015 ~ INNOCENCE

Sunset~Sunday fictioneers

The sun setting behind buildings

The image is supplied and credited by Sunday Photo Fiction


by John Yeo

Shadows cast by the setting sun, 

Gold and orange mingled and merged 

As the evening blended into the night 

With a breathtaking display of splendour.


A warm wind breezily rippled through trees,

Then quickly cooled as night drew in.

Clouds edged in gold by the dying sun

Skittered over grime-encrusted buildings.


Another day had passed, slowly adding to

Time dragging slowly and surely soullessly by.

Two free flying birds gliding, drifting together

Spinning cartwheels in a vortex of pure delight.


The innocence of the dying beautiful day

Reflecting my very real fight for freedom

I will be a part of the outside world again

Outside the confines of a prison window.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved
Sunday Photo Fiction

Picture it and Write ~ THE EYES OF THE SOUL

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog


dragon eye of indigo blue (by paloetic)

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

Centuries of wisdom glare out of eyes that have inherited a killer instinct. The eyes were staring imperviously from a head that was absolutely still. I stared back to engender a feeling of unconcern to the beast. 

 I had worked hard in the lab for weeks to produce a serum from very rare plants and associated ingredients. I was now attempting to procure the final substance that would enable me to fulfil my desire to explore, and perhaps transfer the secrets accumulated by generations of reptilian invaders from the captive. I now needed a phial of reptilian spittle to complete the serum. My plan was to anger the beast and provoke a response by continuous aggravation and provocation.

 ‘Have at you!’ I cried moving quickly forward  with a sharply pointed blade. 

 ‘What are you trying to do, you fool?’ Came an unflustered thought, directly received in my mind, no sound was generated, but the voice in my head was very clear and understandable to me in my native language.

 ‘That was my imagination surely’ I thought. ‘No ignorant leather-skinned animal can speak English, I will continue to bait it!’

 Laughter then filled my mind, a deep repulsive mocking sound that grated on my nerves and made me shiver with a revulsion that shocked me deeply.

‘Where is the origin of that ghastly sound?’ I thought.

‘Right here, in front of you idiot, I am far too refined to be angered by your feeble efforts. Our race are, and always have been, the dominant species here on this beautiful globe.’

I stood there in the lab stunned! ‘Was I imagining this telepathic conversation?’ I began to doubt my mental wellbeing.

Then the creature interjected once again and these words entered my mind.

‘Do not be alarmed, I wish you no harm. I wish to communicate our feelings of unease about the way your people are destroying everything here on our planet. We will stop you if we have to, before it is too late. We have been here for centuries, We saw off the dinosaurs before man arrived and stripped the world bare of almost everything. What do you want to use my precious spittle for? I will spit on you for free you two-legged idiot.’

 Then I felt paralysed, unable to move an inch, rooted to the spot as the creature fixed his eyes on my eyes and stared deeply into my soul. I felt a warm comfortable feeling of deep relaxation spreading through my being as my mind seemed to fuse and expand with the creatures thought-waves. I was unable to counteract the deep hypnosis as my being and the creatures thought-control was expanded and merged into a unified force.

 Several hours later I awoke from a very deep sleep in the lab. My face seemed to be covered with a thick gooey substance. A sudden flashback and I had total recall of the events before I had been overtaken by sleep. 

 Laugher then filled my mind once again, with a deep repulsive mocking sound that grated on my nerves and  made me shiver with a revulsion that shocked me deeply.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved