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Picture it and Write ~ SATURDAY NIGHT IN SEA-TOWN

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As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

 A long hot summer had begun again.

The city council were holding an emergency meeting, to discuss
the increased levels of violence.
 “It’s always alcohol related!” Shouted Mrs Matse. “We should close all the beachside bars and clubs, to remove the threat of danger.”
The community was up in arms, the season had got underway again.

Jim Winchester was against the idea from the first. Prohib….What!”

 “Prohibition.” Repeated the mayor in his mayoral robes. “We should ban the sale and consumption of all alcoholic drinks along the beachfront until the season is over.

  “Not bloody likely! That would ruin the town, many traders would go broke, and Sea-Town would become a ghost town”
The voice was very strong, very relaxed, very sure of the points raised, and belonged to David Miller, a publican and a local club owner. David had served on the council for several years.
The meeting closed, with no firm decision, as always the council members were equally divided

 Billy and Bert pulled up on their bikes.
  “Looks like a good place to stop!” Smiled Billy, “Some nice looking pubs along the seafront here. We can enjoy ourselves and raise a little hell, for a while.”
Bert laughed. “Judging by all these Harley’s parked along here we will have plenty of company.”

 Nurse Joy had worked in the accident and emergency unit of the local hospital for many years. She dreaded the night-shift in this busy unit by the seaside. As with most seaside hospitals Saturday was usually the worst night shift of the week.

 Mary and her friend Juanita were very excited it was Saturday and they were heading into town for their first night out together ever. They were both first year students in the university of Sea-Town, they had adjoining rooms in the hall of residence.

 Billy and Bert met up with some other friendly bikers and started out on a glorious pub and club binge. They finished up in the “Tropicana” club, just as Mary and Juanita arrived. Little did any one of the the four separate people guess they were destined to meet up later under very different circumstances.

 The music was loud and the drinks flowed freely. Suddenly a scuffle broke out accompanied by loud voices shouting with much cursing as fighting began and the bouncers and doormen moved in to break it up. Then sirens belted out as the police and ambulances arrived at high speed.
Billy and Bert were both injured and rushed by ambulance to Sea-Town hospital.
 Juanita screamed as a flying bottle hit her in the face causing a very nasty cut. One of the police officers signalled an ambulance paramedic who helped her into an ambulance, accompanied by Mary.
  “You will have to go to hospital to be stitched up.” Remarked the ambulance driver.
 Both girls were horrified. “Will she be scarred in her face?” Asked Mary, shocked. “We were not involved, just out for an evenings fun.”
  “Sorry Miss, I don’t know the answer to your question! I will put her down as a bystander in my report. Collateral damage.”
  “What does that mean? Collateral damage? For heavens sake!” screamed Mary, now very upset and in shock.
  “That means she was an innocent caught up in an affray.” Replied the paramedic. “Sorry about that unfortunate choice of words.”

 The hospital accident and emergency department was a sea of people in various stages of treatment. Several incidents of drink-related violence had occurred in the town that night and the unit was very very busy. Nurse Joy and her colleagues were rushed off their feet, stitching up the injured and desperately keeping some order out of the chaos.
 Billy and Bert were interviewed by the police and released on bail, they waited for three hours to be treated for their injuries. Bert had a broken arm and a very badly bruised face and Billy had a six inch cut on his neck that would leave a nasty scar.
 Juanita fortunately had a superficial cut to her face and she was badly bruised. Juanita would be the owner of a nasty black eye on her return to college. She vowed never to go to the Tropicana club again. Ever!

 Nurse Joy was very tired at the end of her shift.
“Thank goodness I’m off-duty next Saturday. I will sit on the beach in the sun, protecting these tired eyes, that have seen so much, behind dark glasses.” 


the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “Picture it and Write ~ SATURDAY NIGHT IN SEA-TOWN

  1. Well, I live in Brighton which is a magnet for stag and hen weekends, Pride, drinking and all sorts over the summer (and pretty much year round). I guess this kind of story is par for the course for many, every weekend. But – Brighton wouldn’t be the Brighton I love if it was a much quieter place. I just keep away from the frenzy! But I have ultimate sympathies for all the innocent bystanders and emergency workers nonetheless. Good story!

  2. There always has to be some people that think they can not have fun unless they get really wild! This kind of behavior ruins it for others and often times ends up causing death. Great job on this post! Certainly a reminder of the consequences that can happen even if you are not one of the “wild” ones.😶

  3. I might be totally dreaming this up, but I vaugely remember a study about how prohibition was actually great for the economy because it drove it underground.

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