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by John Yeo

My friends and family in fact everybody I come into contact with, all tell me how wonderful I am looking. My boyfriend is so very proud of me, he does everything in his power to encourage me to go out with him as he would like to introduce me to his friends and family.
I always make an excuse not to go anywhere. How can I be seen in public looking like this? Why do people tell lies all the time and compliment me on my looks? I know how ugly I am, I can see myself in the mirror.
When I try to tell my parents why I am not a sociable person, they laugh and tell me not to be shy, then they tell me how beautiful I am.
Can’t people see these horrible black marks all over my face and hands? They look like tattoos! I have never been near a tattoo shop in my life.
My friend Cynthia is always telling me not to be so silly, she says I am lovely and slim and beautiful. I know she is lying though, as she is always going on about how fat she looks in the mirror, yet she is slimmer than I am. My Mum says she is an anorexic and she can’t help it.
I have to pretend to be ill all the time so that I can stay indoors, my Dad thinks I am a hypochondriac. When I asked the doctor if I could have plastic surgery, he laughed and asked me what for? When I told him, he wasn’t laughing anymore, he thinks I need to see a specialist Psychological doctor.
My Dad got angry and said that’s a waste of time and money as there is nothing wrong with me.
I don’t look in the mirror anymore!

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


A prompt response for “INSPIRATION MONDAY:” ~ FEELOSOPHY


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

 We always paid rapt attention when the elderly lady entered the room. A distinguished-looking person, she generated a certain aura of mystique. The flowing floral dress and the look of her off-beat fashions were a distinct example of the old cliche!  “Never judge a book by the cover.”  Her time-worn almost time-ravaged looks, were a clue to the well-lived life that had gone before, and the wealth of experiences that together had moulded this wise woman’s outlook on life.

 Maria Salome-Smith was a lady who professed to be a leader of a coven and gave her occupation as a white witch. Devoted to helping as many people in her community, Maria was a healer and a mystic. Using many of the half-forgotten herbal remedies that had been passed down through the centuries, she was responsible for curing many sick people. This made many of the hard intolerant members of the clergy in the local Orthodox Church very uneasy indeed.

 No-one knows exactly who made the decision to arrest her, or how it came to be carried out. After several days of intense cruel torturous questioning, her persecutors were unable to break her strong spirit. It was decided to drag her to court regardless and to try her for the trumped-up charges of evil witchcraft bringing premature death to a member of the ruling gentry.

There was an instant hush as Maria entered the courtroom and a gasp of horror at her unkempt appearance, her head had been shaved and the long distinguished looking grey locks of hair were gone. 

    “How do you plead? Guilty  or Not Guilty?” Enquired the honourable lady Judge.

  Maria’s piercing steel-blue eyes regarded the Judge, as she proudly responded, “Not Guilty!”

There was a hush before the trial commenced and several people were brought to tears and there were shouts from the public gallery. 

“Innocent! Release her! She is innocent!

“Silence in Court please!” was a stern rebuke from the bench.

The trial commenced after one emotional lady was removed from the courtroom.

After several days of hearing from a succession of biased witnesses desperately trying to justify a very obvious set of trumped up charges, the honourable Lady Judge threw the case out of court and rebuked the accusers severely for wasting time and public money.

 There was a silence in the courtroom as contrary to all previous examples of so-called justice, Maria Salome-Smith was allowed to respond.

     “I thank-you for your wisdom, and I would like to say on behalf of all my innocent sisters who have been wrongly accused and died, for following the Feelosophy and state that there is an underlying body of sacred knowledge that is misunderstood and ignored. Difference in points of learning should be revered, and the accepted hard Philosophy of life and our Feelosophy should be merged into one whole body of knowledge that should be allowed to grow. Only the  bigoted would attempt to wipe out the good by killing. There will never be growth if we stand still. Use the good, Feelosophy to follow your ancient instincts and live well. Thank- you!”


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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