This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~ 1st November 2015


Ermila's Lady in Red

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia.


by John Yeo

  She sat on the throne of swords, denoting the powerful influences of the razor sharp effects of her power. The power of life and death that she was able to wield with a nod of her regal head, flowing with the long blonde hair of a Warrior Queen.
The ceremonial robes she was attired in, were made from red and grey woven silk. Her enemies said she always wore red, when she sat on the throne, to denote the blood-soaked terror of the untold thousands of deaths in her wars of terror, in pursuit of alluring power.
  A fearsome sight to behold as she was leading her generals, riding on a black thoroughbred stallion, into battle, with her long blonde hair streaming behind her!
One mysterious day, she cut off her long blond hair, then wrapped the tresses in the blood-red robes, after placing the package on the throne of swords, she rode off into the night.
  Her disappearance took the world by surprise. After a cryptic announcement, delivered on the last day, she ever sat on the throne of swords.

  “Power once attained is too dangerous to retain.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.