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 Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.



This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam, author of the blog, Creative Busyness. Thank you Etol!


by John Yeo

The twins were playing at the bottom of the garden with their rag dolls in a woodland clearing.
“Let’s pretend they are alive, and make a story up Jenny.” Said Jilly excitedly, “I’ll take the two with big eyes and you pretend to be the yellow and blue ones.”

“OK Jilly,” replied Jenny with a grin and they began an aliens game, using strange different voices for the toys, and having wonderful fun.
Half an hour later there was a loud summons from the house,

“Come in you two! It is very late now, and time for Supper.”

“Alright Mummy, we are coming.” Chorused the twins.

“What about the toys Jenny?”

“Oh, leave them where they are, Jilly. They should be alright.”

Later, at the end of the garden there was a quiet whir as a flying saucer landed. Three strange, three headed beings, approached the rag dolls, that were abandoned by the twins.
Strange noises as they swept the toys into their ship and flew away.

(“Captain we have captured some aliens!”)
(174 WORDS)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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