A prompt response for “INSPIRATION MONDAY:” ~ NETHERDOOR


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by John Yeo

Billy coughed and spluttered as he shouted with glee. “It’s true, unbelievably true. Google doesn’t know!”

“Google doesn’t know!” Betty laughed, “Impossible, Google knows everything, I rely on Google a lot!”

“Google has no response to Netherdoor. I wanted to find out about Netherdoor before we make the trip. Where we are going, the brochure clearly says to go through Netherdoor, and take the magical mystery tour of Netherworld.” Billy was absolutely flummoxed and amazed at this fact.

“Oh! Come on Billy! Google knows everything: Are you sure you typed the words in correctly?” Betty was astonished. “What did they come up with?” She trusted in Google implicitly.

Billy smiled as he said.. “All sorts of irrelevant, nonsensical advertising, for books and games, based on the medieval meaning of the Netherworld, as the underworld or hell. No guidebooks for the real magical Netherworld behind the Netherdoor. Google hasn’t got a clue about the world on the other side of the real Netherdoor.”

Betty asked Billy for the brochure, to check the spelling as she still firmly believed in the limitless power of the knowledge available through Google.

“The brochure?” Billy giggled, amused at her reaction to the fallibility of the powerful search engine. “I thought you had the brochure, don’t tell me the brochure has vanished!”

Betty looked bemused as she started to hunt everywhere for the missing brochure. “It is here somewhere Billy. I know for certain I saw it. Are you sure you haven’t got it? How can we go if we don’t know where the Netherdoor to the Netherworld is located. Shall I ask Google where it is again?” Betty grabbed her iPad and keyed in Netherdoor again.

Suddenly a metallic voice asked “How can I help you?” Betty was startled, she had forgotten Google had learned to talk. Quickly she recovered and explained the situation. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that!”

Betty was shocked. Google is fallible! “What are we going to do Billy? We are on our own, we will have to find the brochure.”

Billy nodded and agreed, as he asked, “Where is the brochure?”

“OK!” said Billy, with a twinkle in his eye. “Ask Google?”

 Betty suddenly caught on and replied, “I have an idea lets ask Google the way to Disneyland instead. I am sure they know where that is.

“OK!” said Billy, with a twinkle in his eye. “Ask Google?”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.