My heartfelt tribute to a very special person

  When I first heard the news of the death of my special friend Barb, we were out of range of an Internet connection and I will never forget the feelings of frustration as I was unable to express my grief and genuine heartfelt sorrow at the loss of a very special part of my life. Although we had never met each other, it was a great pleasure , communicating with her on a weekly basis through our writing, and my regular responses to her excellent writing prompts. I already sadly miss her and her family of writers. We were saddened this week to hear of a death in our family, and we both sincerely sympathise with her husband and family in their tragic loss. God rest her soul in peace, she will always be surrounded by the deep affection of many writers around the world who were inspired by her prompts, her support, and the wonderful way she always finished with the words “Be Well!”

She will be sadly missed by Marg and I. Rest in peace my friend.



Christmas wreath

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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

For today’s prompt, write a shopping poem.


by John Yeo

“Come on Mum! Hurry up, we have to do everything now!
It must be done by a certain time! Have you got the list?
Straight away, without delay, amid the appalling crush.
We must get everything now, in a fast and furious rush
We must get things under full control, time is passing by.


A pair of slippers for Grumps, his are wearing out fast.
A box of chocolates for Grandma to nibble by the fire.
Toys for the kids, go for the best to ignite their interest.
Uncle will welcome socks, in dazzling fluorescent green.
Hampers all around the family, made up specially by us.


For Aunt Mary, delicate, lacy white hankies are nice.
The cousins will welcome a bottle of sparkling wine
Two cases should be enough to nicely go around.
We must do it all today, in a fast and furious rush
Straight away, without delay, amid the appalling crush.


This is a mega-market place, everything is right here,
Piled up and for sale, to take home some Christmas cheer.
Still once we get home wth the shopping done,
We can raise a glass of cheer. Cheers everyone!
Good job this shopping season only comes once a year”



Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.