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My heartfelt tribute to a very special person

  When I first heard the news of the death of my special friend Barb, we were out of range of an Internet connection and I will never forget the feelings of frustration as I was unable to express my grief and genuine heartfelt sorrow at the loss of a very special part of my life. Although we had never met each other, it was a great pleasure , communicating with her on a weekly basis through our writing, and my regular responses to her excellent writing prompts. I already sadly miss her and her family of writers. We were saddened this week to hear of a death in our family, and we both sincerely sympathise with her husband and family in their tragic loss. God rest her soul in peace, she will always be surrounded by the deep affection of many writers around the world who were inspired by her prompts, her support, and the wonderful way she always finished with the words “Be Well!”

She will be sadly missed by Marg and I. Rest in peace my friend.


5 thoughts on “My heartfelt tribute to a very special person

      • It truly is my pleasure to do this John because so many of us thought so highly of Barbara. When she wrote me and told me they had found a tumor in her lung, she was so positive about being healed. I was so sad to hear of her passing several months later because I was so hopeful for her. Now she does not have to “be well.” She is well – completely well. Thank you so much for participating in the tribute for her and I am so sorry to hear of the death in your own family.

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