Pour Some Sugar on Me


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


By John Yeo

The man in the black mask and cloak raced across the roof tops and silently jumped between two close buildings. Far below, there was a distant sound of screeching sirens as the emergency services arrived at the building he had just left. The man smiled, and continued moving randomly between several more buildings, then he opened a rucksack and donned a white coat. Placing the mask and cloak with a pair of black gloves inside the bag, he calmly walked down a metal fire-escape into the hospital below.

“Good evening, Dr Airy,” said a harassed looking Sister. “Sorry I can’t stop. We have an emergency on the ward.”

“Good evening! Please go ahead, I am on my way to my office, if I am required, I am carrying the bleep tonight.”

“Yes Doctor!”

There had been a serious incident earlier in the evening, the Doctor was informed by his colleague, Dr Jenny Fergusson.
“An intruder wearing black, has entered the canteen and mysteriously stolen a massive quantity of sugar.”

“Sugar!” Dr Airy echoed. As his ears suddenly started growing and facial hair began sprouting rapidly on his cheeks.

Startled, Dr Jenny exclaimed, “Doctor! Your appearance is physically changing! What is happening to you?”

“I’m afraid I am unsure, Dr. Fergusson, Please pick up that sugar bowl there, and pour it over my face. I am undergoing a phsyical change, since I started treating a patient with a radioactive disease. My protective clothing was pulled off by the aggressive patient. I have discovered that the only antidote is the application of sugar.”

“Certainly Doctor, or whoever you are now.” said the mischievous Dr. Ferguson. Pressing the alarm button.
Two orderlies dashed in and removed the now unrecognisable Doctor to the Psychiatric unit, where he remains to this day.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.