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A prompt response for Inspiration Monday ~ Department of Silence



by John Yeo

      Jim and Bill worked in the post room of St Mary’s a huge General Hospital. This was a busy challenging place to work, before the advent of computers. Ken on the post van would throw six sacks of mail on the loading bay, three times a day.
        “There you are boys! Another load to stop you two dropping off.”
  Laughing his head off as he drove away fast.
      “Thanks for nothing!” Jim shouted back with a grin.
 Then there was the internal mail coming in thick and fast, at all times of the day. Sometimes there would be a huge pile of unsorted mail, sitting on the bench, and both men would quickly get to work, clearing the backlog in no time.
     Bill was the detective of the two, there wasn’t a scrawling, squiggly example of a young busy Doctors handwriting, that could defeat him. Bill always found a home for the most obscurely addressed letter.

   One day there was an unusual package addressed to the head of the “Department of Silence.” Jim picked it up first and said to Bill.
         “This is certainly one for you to work out! There’s no such department here that I know of!”
        “Ah! Hmm!” murmured Bill, “I can think of several places this could be destined for. Either the Sleep Clinic, the Acoustics lab, The Audiology and Hearing loss department, the Chapel, or in my opinion, this is meant to send us to the silence of the hospital Mortuary.”
          “Wow!” Jim exclaimed. “I had better call security to get the bomb squad in. Let’s get out of here!”
 Soon the hospital was drowned in the combined sirens of the emergency services.
   After a total evacuation of the building, an army officer removed the package and ordered a controlled explosion in the hospital grounds.
           The officer in charge congratulated Bill and Jim on a quick thinking response. “Well done! How did you guess that was a suspicious package?”

           “It was the address that gave it away,” said Bill quietly. “Silence is not only golden, it is virtually impossible to achieve in a busy hospital.
I thought at first they meant department of Science, but that’s all over the place in here.”

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.


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The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


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by John Yeo

  The ladies of the local WI were taking afternoon tea in a very busy tourist area of the city. The sun shone beautifully as many people strolled by enjoying the pleasures of a peaceful afternoon.
  That was before the siren of an approaching ambulance in the distance, broke the spell. The ambulance was unable to get through, as the pathway was too narrow. A crowd quickly gathered around a young woman who was lying on the ground obviously in the later stages of her pregnancy.
      Doris quickly left her WI friends at the table and leapt into action. “Get hot water and towels from the restaurant! Quickly” she shouted. Soon the hearty cries of a new-born child could be heard as Doris calmly exclaimed.
        “It’s a girl.”
   Later when the paramedics finally arrived, Doris explained she had been a midwife for thirty years during her working life.
      “I’m going to name my baby Doris, after you.” said the grateful young Mum.
   “No don’t do that, she wont thank you for that.” Laughed Doris.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers