If I Ruled the World

Daily prompt on WordPress ~11th December 2015 ~ If I Ruled the World.
You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?


“When The Bell Tolls” Image © John and Margaret


by John Yeo

  The ruler scratched his head with disbelief, as the diminutive little person stood before him with his chest raised, trying to look fierce. He knew the awesome kingly power of his endless rule was under threat.
     “You say you have the power to change one of the laws of nature! Which law may I ask, are you able to alter and how?” asked the King.

      “My name is Justin Equality, I have been given the power to change the Law of Polarity. I am able to do away with the concept of positive and negative sides of an object or idea, and reveal the unique oneness of everything. There can be no more polar opposites. Good and evil, will become one entity, as will love and hate, peace and war. Each of the previous opposites will become one natural reality.”
  The King was very interested in this power, and his first thought was the relief that would come into effect, if there were no more wars, no more hate and a permanent absence of evil.
        “I would like you to put this change into effect immediately, and I will reward you handsomely if you manage to do away with war and hate.
The wars we are fighting all the time, cost our exchequer a fortune.”
  The King had a secret plan to remove Justin from the kingdom, once he had changed the Law of Nature.
       “Yes, this will be done immediately.” Justin Equality replied and stood very still and concentrated his mind on the heavens. There was a crash of thunder as two clouds collided.
 The King smiled as this signal for a new way of life sounded, and signalled to his guards to arrest Justin as planned. He was shaken to see that no one moved or took any notice of him.
      “I order you to arrest this man!” He shouted loudly, but no-one took any notice, in fact one of his previously very courteous courtiers, smiled at him, very familiarly, almost as if he was his equal.
  Justin then stepped forward with a friendly grin and said, “Look here my friend you are no longer any different than the man in the street now. You have authorised the change in the Law of Polarity, and there are now no Polar opposites. Light and dark, yes and no, energy and matter, and certainly no more rich and poor or king and subject.”

Justin Equality has just equalised everything.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.