Hate to Love


Daily prompt on WordPress ~13th December 2015 ~ Hate to Love.

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.



by John Yeo

      I wish I could stop eating my friends!


     Many years ago, for purely altruistic reasons I decided to give up eating red meat. I decided to forego the debatable pleasures of eating Pork, Beef, Lamb, Venison, and all the associated concoctions that are devised by clever chefs and marketing men, made from the slaughtered bodies of these animals. No more thick juicy red steaks, no more shoulder of spring lamb, joints of pork, or beef; in future I vowed to eat a diet of just fish or fowl.

    Nowadays my tastes have changed completely and I stick rigidly to my diet of Fish or Fowl. I absolutely adore the succulent taste of slices of a well-roasted Turkey or Duck or a highly flavoured Chicken, cooked in a hot peri-peri sauce. Another delight for my taste buds is the Fish element of my diet, there is nothing quite like a well cooked and well flavoured fish dish. I love the taste of a whole grilled Sea Bass, a tasty Kipper, or freshly grilled Sardines served on toast with butter drizzled all over the top.

         Lately I am beginning to have many reservations and second thoughts about the Fowl element of my diet. I am a confirmed bird lover: All my life I have been fascinated with birds, of all shapes and sizes. I love birdwatching, and my garden has many bird feeders, that I keep topped up with sunflower seeds and fat-balls and I love to watch the birds as they feed. I also have several nest-boxes in the garden to encourage wild birds to breed and produce eggs, that eventually will hatch and grow into chicks.
  I am an inveterate bird-lover, I love everything about them, their beautiful plumage, their graceful flight and most of all the sound of their beautiful birdsong.

      Then Why? Why? Why, do I also love to eat my friends?
Eggs, cooked in a variety of ways are a mainstay of my daily diet. These are baby birds in a shell.

        I often rationalise to myself that the quality of life for farmed chickens is not worth living and they are probably very unhappy; raised in the intolerable circumstances they endure before they reach my table. In fact we always buy free-range eggs and free-range fowl whenever we possibly can.

      I hate the thought of beautiful game birds, raised and shot in the thousands simply for sport, yet we think nothing of buying and consuming a brace of pheasants from our local butchers shop, during the season.

     This is an indulgent pleasure that I will always be extraordinarily guilty about, as it is the total opposite to my inner feelings, to the point of becoming an irrational pleasure. I have come very close to stop eating fowl many times over the last few years, without success.

I really do wish I could stop eating my friends!

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