A walk in the Grounds of Felbrigg Hall


Felbrigg Hall ~ Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret


by John Yeo

  The day started out cool and sunny, during our breakfast we decided to go for a walk together, after some discussion we decided to go to Felbrigg Hall once again. We have visited this National Trust property quite a few times over the years. Shortly after we settled into this windswept corner of North Norfolk, I remember a time when Margaret and I ventured to Felbrigg Hall at about 4.30am, to join a group to listen to the birdsong of the dawn chorus. We were not very lucky that day, very few birds were singing, but many cows were around feeding on the lush grass in the light of the dawn. I remember we were treated to a breakfast of egg and baked beans on toast, served with mugs of steaming hot tea, in the staff kitchen in the hall, before we returned home.

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Image © John and Margaret

A close up of the South Front of Felbrigg Hall shows the inscription “Gloria Deo in Excelsis” that translates to “Glory to God in the highest,” and may relate to the satisfactory re-establishment of the Wyndhams at Felbrigg Hall.

A few years later, after we were settled in Norfolk, We sung with a church choir in the wonderful St Margaret’s church, that is built in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall, where there is much historical memorabilia relating to the Wyndham family, who purchased the Jacobean Hall from the original Felbrigg family, during the reign of Henry the eighth.
    We have attended the annual Chilli festival here twice, and we have enjoyed picnicking in the grounds. We have also visited the interior of the hall and admired the wonderful authentic period furniture and artefacts with beautiful paintings. We are great fans of the walled kitchen garden, where there is an inhabited Dove Cote, and chickens roam freely in the gardens. I am a great admirer of the allotments section in the middle of this garden, and there are two period-style greenhouses, that contain succulents and cacti with many more tender plants and flowers. The surrounding walls are covered by espalier fruit trees, mainly pears and apples, and of course we love the excellent display of seasonal flowers, always on display.
    Perhaps a highlight of these visits occurred in the Spring last year, when we visited the farm in Felbrigg hall grounds during the lambing season to watch the new-born lambs, just birthed, unsteadily tottering around in pens attached to the farm. I filmed some of these beautiful creatures taking their first taste of life in this world, with some nice photographs of the farm animals and wild birds around the farm.

    Images © John and Margaret

    We arrived at Felbrigg, to find the Hall and the gardens closed, but the car park was surprisingly full. The answer became clear when we began our walk, a large group of people dressed in warm clothing, with stout walking boots, some carrying walking sticks, approached the car park. We immediately came to the conclusion that this was an organised walking group, returning from a walk. The green fields of the estate stretched out before us, with a large flock of sheep feeding in a group, they seemed to be so close together, Margaret wondered if they were being rounded up by the farmer.


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


Images © John and Margaret

We wandered around the front of this magnificent well preserved mansion and began taking photographs of the building and the surrounding autumnal woodland. We have never visited the Orangery building and we noticed the doors were wide open, but the whole area was fenced off and the gates were locked as it was closed to the public.
   We walked on around the back of the house and followed a path through the woods, where we photographed a nice little glade of snowdrops and some interesting trees. The bird life here is prolific and suddenly Margaret pointed to a large Pheasant that dashed for cover across the path in front of us. We continued along the path and I watched some squirrels diving for cover as we approached, there were numerous blackbirds and finches in the trees. We reached the end of the path to find we were fenced in, we retraced our steps and found a gate open leading into the gardens and made our way back to the car park through the gardens. We had walked at least a mile around the grounds and we were ready to return home for a welcome cup of tea and a rest, after an interesting walk.


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This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~20th January 201https://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/picture-it-write-83/


As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

    The wise man was a scholar of wide renown, he had written many books in his short life and had a high intelligence. It was said that his last lecture before he sadly passed away, contained many secrets of how he maintained his robust health and his extraordinary brain-power. The wise man swore by the hidden properties in his diet.

   “Fresh fruit and vegetables contain many micro nutrients to keep us healthy and wise. I am a firm believer in the effects of eating large quantities of oily fish to gain the benefits of the amazing properties of Omega 3 fish oils. I eat a lot of oily fish. Sardines and Mackerel cooked in many delicious ways. I can eat ten to fifteen Sardines in a single sitting. I believe that the accumulation of these oils and the micro nutrients will allow us to live longer and become more intelligent!”

    Six black horses, with black plumes pulled a black carriage to the church as the wise man went to his grave, with all due pomp and circumstance. Many people attended the funeral of this man who was respected around the world for his insight and judgement.

   Among the mourners along the roadside were a venerable retired couple, Jack and Lil, who had come to pay their respects. As the cortège passed them, Lil turned to Jack with a tear in her eye and asked, “How did he die?”

  Jack wiped away a tear and replied “He choked on a fish bone.”

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A trip through the poetic landscape of timeless words


Hubblesite.org Hubblesite.org

To one who said that myths were lies and therefore worthless, even though “breathed through silver”

Philomythus to Misomythus
(myth-lover to myth-hater)
by J. R. R. Tolkien, to C. S. Lewis

You look at trees and label them just so,

(For trees are ‘trees’, and growing is ‘to grow’);

You walk the earth and tread with solemn pace

One of the many minor globes of Space:

A star’s a star, some matter in a ball

Compelled to courses mathematical

Amid the regimented, cold, inane,

Where destined atoms are each moment slain.


At bidding of a Will, to which we bend

(And must), but only dimly apprehend,

Great processes march on, as Time unrolls

From dark beginnings to uncertain goals;

And as on page o’erwritten without clue,

With script and limning packed of various hue,

An endless multitude of forms appear,

Some grim, some frail, some beautiful, some queer,

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A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: “Portable Night”


by John Yeo

     “Mummy, you really mean we are going to see Aunty Sheila and my cousins down there!” Exclaimed Ruthie, pointing to the toy globe, and spinning it around. “How will we get from here to there?” she asked.

   “Yes darling, we will be going by aeroplane of course, flying from one side of the world to another.” replied her Mum.

  “Mummy, Daddy says they are all upside down over there. Our daytime is their night. how will we sleep?”

  “We will adjust Ruthie, we will have to try to sleep in our daytime here and their night-time there!”

   “What about the bogeymen that only come out at night? Will they be around in the daytime there?” asked Ruthie

   “Ahh! That’s a difficult question darling, bogeymen come in all shapes and sizes, even here at home we have nasty bogeymen that are about in the daytime!”

  “Mummy, stop it! I know when you are joking, you always smile and crinkle your eyes up.”

   “Yes Ruthie, now go to sleep! We have a long journey tomorrow.”

  The next day the family took their seats on a Qantas  Airbus and were soon tucking into some tempting airline food, Ruthie was very excited. “Daddy what time is it there now?”

   “About 9 o’clock at night, they are about 10 hours in front of us over there. You would be in bed there now.”

Soon the friendly aircrew came around to make sure everybody was comfortable, and asked for all the windows to be blacked out. Ruthie was  curious about this as the sun was shining and it was still daytime outside. “Mummy why is everybody sleeping in the middle of the day?”

“Shush darling, people are sleeping, we have to try to sleep now, to catch up with the time where we’re going. The curtains turn our day into a portable night, so we can reset our body-clocks.”

 “Daddy, Where is my body-clock?”

“Shush please!” Came an irate voice from an elderly gentleman in the row behind. “People are trying to sleep. Please be quiet, or I will call the steward!”

  “Mummy, is that what you mean by a day-time bogeyman”

  “Hush Ruthie!” Said her Mother suppressing a broad grin.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Inspiration Monday

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A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: “Ground Control”


by John Yeo

   “Bill and Bella have won the lottery!” said Robin enthusiastically to his wife.

 ”What’s that darling? You’re joking! Really how much did they win, I must catch up with Bella. Do you know, she’s my oldest friend, but I haven’t heard from her for months.”

 “I’m not exactly sure how much, Sarah my love. I must try to get hold of Bill too, we were on the golf club committee together, maybe he will have won enough to see his way clear to funding a new clubhouse.”

Sarah smiled as she bent down and patted a passing dog that was on a long lead, “Hello Rexie, good girl, there’s a good doggie, sorry I haven’t got any chocolate today. Hello, Mrs. Perkins! Have you heard the news? Bill and Bella have won the lottery this week.”

 “Have they really Mrs. Edwards, how much did they win? I’m on my way to the church, the Vicar was asking after them last Sunday. I’m sure they will make a substantial donation towards the fund for a new church roof, now they are wealthy.”

“Well Mrs Perkins, I don’t know how wealthy they are, but old Ted, the gardener distinctly overheard Bill say to Bella on his mobile, we’ve won the lottery!”

  “Hello you two!” A tall slim man approached smiling broadly. “I expect you have heard the news, we have two winners in the community, it’s all over the village. Bill and Bella are always saying how the school needs more IT equipment. I am on my way to see them now, I am sure they will make a substantial donation.” Mr Saunders the headmaster, had kept the local school going for years, Bill and Bella were both ex students. “Have you heard how much they have won?”

“No Mr Saunders, no-one seems to know, I expect they asked for no publicity, you can’t be too careful these days.” replied Mrs Edwards.

“That hypocrite who lives at the end of the village, you know, the one who hates kids walking by his house, always running down Bill and Bella’s kids to all and sundry, wants to organise a surprise party down at the pub for the lucky winners. Money does have some strange effects on people.”

David the local postman rode by on his cycle and called out. “There is a traffic jam in the village apparently someone has won the lottery. Who phoned the press? I can’t get through to deliver the mail!,”

Suddenly a police siren sounded, cutting into the normal peaceful calm of the village.

   Mrs. Potts a matronly lady dashed up to the villagers and said, “Someone has been spreading false rumours about Bill and Bella winning the lottery. Well they only won £25.00 for matching three numbers, chaos has erupted, beggars have come from miles around.”

There was a deafening silence as this astonishing news sunk in among the assembled villagers.

“The good news is, old sourpuss has paid for a surprise party tonight and everyone is invited.”

First a few silent grins, then a snicker and several chuckles, with loud laughter that developed into side-splitting roars of mirth, resounded among the villagers.

Six months later, Bill and Bella quietly sold their house and left the village, never to be seen again. Old sourpuss often wondered about that!

   Especially when some workmen arrived to put a new roof on the church, the golf club opened a new club-house and the local school was completely fitted out with new IT equipment. All down to funds provided by lottery grants everyone said.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.


Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo. 

Flash Fiction Saloon

Photo © Etol Bagam


by John Yeo

    Bill entered the  bar and spat on the wooden floor. A gooey green mess landed at the feet of a woman, seated at a wooden table.  The heavy makeup she wore hid the hard, world-weary face.  Bill, adjusted his trousers, balanced on an ample waistline. Lank, greasy black hair hung beneath a grubby hat.
  “What the heck? You dirty, lousy, good for nothing!” Lucy spat right back into his bleary red-rimmed, black eyes.
  Bill took a wild swing, with his right hand, a sledgehammer of a fist missed by a mile. He cursed loudly, then doubled up in pain as Lucy kicked him square in the groin.
  A nasty shouting and screaming row developed. Bill wildly attempted to grab a fist full of Lucy’s long brown hair as her sharp, finger-nails gouged tracks across his already scarred face.
  The bar swiftly emptied as the police arrived, to end this public dispute.
Bill’s final words to Lucy were “Where’s my dinner?” The couple walked off arm-in-arm.
“Happens every Friday night!” said the barman to the policeman.


(174 WORDS)


Copyright  ©. Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers





A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: “Ground Control”


by John Yeo

 “I used to be able to walk for miles through grassy fields, just enjoying the seasons turning around in the perennial cycle of life, death and birth. Wildlife was prolific in those days, the hedgerows would be full of birdsong and interesting little rustles and sounds of scampering and scurrying little feet. I would take a pen and a notebook to record my thoughts, sometimes a piece of poetry would seep into a corner of my mind and I would hastily sit on the grass and put pen to paper. There were times I would sit and sketch  Many a time, I have been caught in a storm and hastened to the nearest hedgerow and dived beneath the bushes and elderberry trees seeking shelter. Mostly I remember sunny days, cloudless blue skies, and perennial wildflowers everywhere. Life drifted on smoothly, with the peace to ramble the fields and think alone.

Then came men with guns, and fences appeared, with signs that warned. ‘Private Property. No Trespassing, Keep Out.” Life became restricted to tiny pathways of muddy footpaths sometimes overgrown and impassable. The times had changed and brought Ground Control with fenced enclosure.”

“ Yes Mr Robinson, now try to rest before ward rounds and the doctor arrives.”  A busy nurse bustled in and tidied up his bed.

“Now I have this harsh dementia and my short-term memory is gone, at least I can stroll  those bygone lanes again in my mind, Nurse.”

   “Yes Mr Robinson, try to rest now.”

 “I feel as if my mind is fenced and restricted, I can no longer freely think and enjoy the world of now, I am restricted to tiny foggy footpaths of memory, sometimes overgrown and impassable. I feel I am grounded, not in control, fenced in by the evil of dementia.”

“Yes Mr Robinson, do you need the commode now?”

 “No thanks nurse, I think I will sleep for a while.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved. 

Sunset over Bridgeman Downs



Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 10th JANUARY 2016 ~ THE INDIGESTIBLE RETURN

Modern Families


Image © Copyright John and Margaret

Daily prompt on WordPress ~ Sunday 10th January 2015

Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?


by John Yeo

    I would imagine if my Great-Great-Grandmother was resurrected and came to dinner, she would be shocked at the speed with which the food was prepared. The quality and the quantity of the food that was presented and the cleanliness and the labour-saving gadgets. Granny would be amazed at the way the children were continually buried in their iPhones and electronic gadgets, she would be shocked at the lack of table manners and polite conversation. Most of all, I think the adorable Granny would be devastated, to see a television beaming programmes during the meal and the level of violence portrayed in front of the children. She may even arrive in time to share a TV dinner and be amazed to see the family not sitting around the dinner table.

    The venerable old lady would probably die another death for a second time, if she discovered the levels of degeneration society had sunk to, through viewing certain social media sites and pages.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~10th January 2016


Belle and Fleur

Belle and Fleur

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


  by John Yeo                                               

       Fleur and her sister Belle were both clever and pretty, always standing out from the rough and ready tough flowers that surrounded them in the garden. They were not really sisters however, although they were always together, always supporting each other from the outside unruliness that surrounded them. They lived in an unreal protected environment, built up over many months into a smooth comfortable fertile border.

  One day they were picked out from the mass of relentless, thrusting weather-beaten flowers, and placed in an impressive vase by the lady of the house. Water was provided, plant food was drip-fed into the vase, leaving nothing for our pretty captives to strive for.

  These were no ordinary flowers, and the pressure of this unreal existence began to build inside their stamens, and the energy began to boil up the water. Then one fateful day the stress cracked the vase and water gushed out from the shards of the broken vase, taking the life forces of Belle and Fleur into a new environment leaving the husks of their previous existence behind to be cleared away with the rubbish.

  The lady of the house blamed the cat.  

  Belle and Fleur mingled with the water to be re-circulated into the environment in their new existence.

 If two well balanced young people were picked to be removed from the rough and tumble of life, into a stress-free environment. The chances are they would break down the walls of the cushioned life and develop their existence with different characteristics.

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MY FINAL RESPONSE to Monday’s Finish the Story 10/01/2016, which was a challenge that provided a photo prompt and the opening sentence to your story. The rules indicated that the story you came up with must be between 100-150 words, not including the given opening sentence.

This is a sad memorial post to the late founder of Monday’s “Finish the Story” ~ Barbara “Babs” Beacham, who is sadly missed by many writers.

The link below takes you to Part Forty-Eight



Image from the Net


Finish the story begins with:   “Life in The Foothills has Passed Away”

  Marg and Sam went their separate ways. Sam with Delphine travelled to the  Brigadier’s office to wait for final instructions for the assault on the factory. Marg returned to meet Hillary to discover that her very great friend and mentor Barb, had suddenly passed away. Marg was devastated at this terrible blow, Barb had been an ongoing inspiration and guide throughout her adventures. Marg resolved to leave the organisation and disappear for a while, and was soon on the way to finalise a deal to buy a luxury yacht from a dealer based in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Marg contacted the Brigadier and informed him of her decision, he intimated that he had heard her sad news, and was expecting this, he handed her an envelope containing a very large cheque. Hillary would continue to run the detective agency, and would be in close contact with her friend and business partner. Marg planned to be transported to follow the sun, aboard her luxury yacht, sailing the seas to some very exotic islands around the world, using the considerable fortune she had accumulated during her adventures. The only ties to her late adventures, would be Angelo with Maria, his lady friend, and Bella with her husband Luigi, who would all become trusted members of her crew The brand new yacht would be officially launched and named the ‘MV Mysterious Island.’

(230 WORDS)

(To be Continued ???)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.