MY FINAL RESPONSE to Monday’s Finish the Story 10/01/2016, which was a challenge that provided a photo prompt and the opening sentence to your story. The rules indicated that the story you came up with must be between 100-150 words, not including the given opening sentence.

This is a sad memorial post to the late founder of Monday’s “Finish the Story” ~ Barbara “Babs” Beacham, who is sadly missed by many writers.

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Finish the story begins with:   “Life in The Foothills has Passed Away”

  Marg and Sam went their separate ways. Sam with Delphine travelled to the  Brigadier’s office to wait for final instructions for the assault on the factory. Marg returned to meet Hillary to discover that her very great friend and mentor Barb, had suddenly passed away. Marg was devastated at this terrible blow, Barb had been an ongoing inspiration and guide throughout her adventures. Marg resolved to leave the organisation and disappear for a while, and was soon on the way to finalise a deal to buy a luxury yacht from a dealer based in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Marg contacted the Brigadier and informed him of her decision, he intimated that he had heard her sad news, and was expecting this, he handed her an envelope containing a very large cheque. Hillary would continue to run the detective agency, and would be in close contact with her friend and business partner. Marg planned to be transported to follow the sun, aboard her luxury yacht, sailing the seas to some very exotic islands around the world, using the considerable fortune she had accumulated during her adventures. The only ties to her late adventures, would be Angelo with Maria, his lady friend, and Bella with her husband Luigi, who would all become trusted members of her crew The brand new yacht would be officially launched and named the ‘MV Mysterious Island.’

(230 WORDS)

(To be Continued ???)

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Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 9th JANUARY 2016 ~ WORST/BEST CASE SCENARIO

Worst Case Scenario

The Daily Prompt on WordPress

Worst Case Scenario. Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today?  Now, what about the best?


by John Yeo

 The worst possible scenario today, would be the sad loss of someone very close to me. A phone call to say that a member of our widespread family had been taken ill and suddenly died, would be a heartbreaking blow that would be extremely difficult to endure. I don’t know how I could handle a scenario of this tragic nature. After the initial shock of this unthinkable scenario has left my imagination, the second part of this prompt should be very easy,  much easier to respond to. “Now, what about the best?”

The best possible scenario I can dream up for today, a  Saturday, would be for certain magical numbers to be announced, that would change all of our widespread families lives forever.

 A substantial amount of winnings from these magical lottery numbers would settle several mortgages for several members of the family, and buy homes for several others. In other words we would be able to change the future lives of our family dramatically. We would have money left to favour our personal charities and enough left to enable us to be comfortable for the rest of our lives.

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