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Posted on February 20th, 2016 by John Yeo
A prompt response for Inspiration Monday



by John Yeo

        “I tell you we all do it!  All we have to do is keep straight faces. Try not to laugh out loud will you, they will never understand. I will put the ideas together that you provide, and take the credit, yet we both know they are your ideas, not mine or perhaps they are a mixture of both.”

 This was expressed by the visible side. The aspect that was responsible for the germination expression and growth of the ideas generated by the combined power of both sides of the equation that was very briefly present for a few microseconds at dawn, and a few microseconds at dusk.

        “OK! If the nocturnal variation stays within the parameters of the night our diurnal dreams can be continued throughout the night. The nocturnal part of an idea is just an ongoing variation, the end result of a diurnal dream continuing throughout the period when the physical side is prone, asleep and inactive.”  

   The visible ongoing diurnal aspect of the double equation pointed out.  

 “There is an aspect of this coming together. The ultimate coming together to bring the two aspects of a dream into a single entity, that is largely unnoticed and usually ignored and this is the period of diurnal dreaming that takes place when both sides are incredibly bored. Take the average mind wandering away from a droning vocal rendition of obvious facts that are getting relayed and replayed continuously. As in the following…”



by John Yeo

The lecture was long and intricately constructed,

Of facts that had been stitched together again.

In a cycle of repetition to set the mind drifting

Looking out the window at the pouring rain.

I like the look of the flaxen haired girl on a cycle,

I believe there is life on the other side.

Would you believe if the world was two sided

Dreams could be split in two.


The culmination of the interpretation, is that

Dreams are an ongoing fantastical spread,

Of nocturnal desire flooding diurnal dreams

With ideas that could never be shattered.

That girl with the flaxen hair has become

A part of my personal individual stream

In a world that is very well grounded

She is now a part of a diurnal dream.


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