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Write a scene in which a character has stones thrown at him or her, figurative or  



by John Yeo

     Saturday night again and the emergency department is filling up with a steady procession of drunks and drug addicts, some brought in by the police already under arrest. I was late for work tonight and I walked straight into the Sister, I will be in a great deal of trouble on Monday, I am already in for a formal written warning.

    I forgot to take another patient’s temperature, this didn’t inspire confidence in my abilities.

    Now this lady is threatening to put in a formal written complaint against me because she says I deliberately kept her waiting.

   I had another problem earlier tonight, when a lady obviously at the end of her tether, brought her daughter in with a bloody nose, she said the little girl had fallen over. I had to call in Social services when I discovered that the little girl was deaf and dumb, and was unable to communicate with anybody.

    I was so tired and nearly at the end of my shift when a man assaulted me by touching me inappropriately, he grabbed my bust. Security called in the police and he will have to go to court now. I’m scared about that as I don’t want any comebacks from nutters. The Sister in charge says I must make a formal complaint as he will be doing it again to another innocent person. I have to attend the local police station to do that tomorrow.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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