This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~20th March




by John Yeo

     “There you are Tabitha, hiding in a drawer licking your lips and contentedly purring. I have a bone to pick with you! Our lunch is on the kitchen floor and shows suspicious signs of catty tooth marks all over it. I wish you could explain yourself you greedy little minx! I ought to punish you severely, it is no good rubbing your furry little body up against my legs. We are going to have to eat out now, which I suppose is not such a bad idea.”

  An elongated hiss escapes through Tabitha’s prickly whiskers that if it was possible to translate would go something like this.

   “Now look here! I’m your furry friend not an intruder into my own home!

 I didn’t touch that cooked chicken you put on the table to cool down, although I must admit to a little boredom creeping into my diet. That splodge that comes out of those cheap cans you keep leaving on my plate is becoming increasingly tasteless.

  I am here to provide playful love and affection and allow you to stroke me and share our lives together. I must admit while I was trying to catch that elusive mouse that lives in our kitchen, I might have accidentally knocked that chicken on the floor as I was chasing the little blighter.  

   How it became nibbled is a mystery, I did pick it up with my teeth and a morsel or two might have come adrift that I cleaned up with a few licks.

I am shocked at your outrageous accusations.”

   Later that night after a wonderful meal with her significant partner, the lady of the house arrived home to find Tabitha still sulking in the drawer. Picking her up with a huge snugly hug, she stroked her soft fur and said.     

“Thanks to you we’ve had a wonderful night out at a posh restaurant and tasted some excellent food. I am going to let you enjoy the rest of the chicken, starting with the tenderest morsels.”

 Tabitha purred a special forgiving purr which if it was possible to translate would go something like this.

 “Thanks, I forgive you.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.





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