A prompt response for ~Inspiration Monday: Dissonant Serenity


Images © Copyright ~ John And Margaret


By John Yeo

  Bertram was so excited!  “Today is the day! I have had a message on my PC. Today is definitely the day; my new iPhone is on the way.” Jumping up from the breakfast table, he sat down on the stairs by the front door waiting.

 “Calm down Bertie!”  Mother was desperately trying to stem the excitement generated by her 14-year-old son’s enthusiasm. “It will be here soon.”

 “I can hardly wait Mum, I have learned so much about these cool phones from my friends. I need to keep up with the class.”

At this moment, as if by a prearranged signal, there was a polite knock on the door. Bertram opened the door to see a smiling delivery man with a small box.

 “Hello young man, I have a package here for Mrs Saunders, I need a signature, is she here?”

Bertram’s Mother signed for the parcel. Then with an excited, ‘Thanks, Mum!”

Bertram quickly grabbed it and disappeared.

  Bertram had soon unwrapped his new phone and with the help of his older brother Trevor, had his new possession set up. he was soon online, relaying his number and email details to all his classmates. Then it was time to visit the Apps store, where he quickly downloaded his favourite social media App and then his favourite games. At his teacher’s suggestion, he also downloaded a rolling news App.

  “It is important to keep up with what is going on in the world.”

It was a couple of days later that the iPhone started to play up. The news App somehow got stuck, and would break into whatever  Bertram was doing with a headline.

 Bertram was checking  with his friends on the latest fad when a message popped up.

  NEWS FLASH! ~ Gunman kills 21 people in a shopping mall.

Bertram clicked a button, got back his page, and continued to have fun with his phone, he downloaded an App from the games centre to play farming.

 NEWS FLASH! ~ Crop failure.  Starvation kills thousands in Africa.

“That’s funny, I wonder why that App is popping up with news like that, I will have to get in touch with the mobile phone firm,”  Bertram said to his friend Tommy. Grinning with a happy contented smile.

“Yes, that’s not right, ask your Dad, when he gets home he should help you. Who won the football last night? Check that page on the news.” said Tommy

  NEWS FLASH! ~ Global Warming is expected to kill millions.

“Funny, I thought I pressed the Sports page button then, Ah! We won 3-0, good result.” Bertram announced grinning serenely.

  Tommy, have you seen these cool photo’s I have taken with the camera on my new phone? I like the one of our fireplace in the front room.

NEWS FLASH! Forest fires are out of control in Australia. Hundreds ordered to evacuate their homes. The damage will cost millions!

 At that moment Bertram’s Mother came bustling into the room, “Bertie, your tea is ready now, put that phone away and eat before your Dad gets home!”

 “Yes Mum, I’ll see you tomorrow Tommy”

  “OK, Bye Bertie! I love your new phone.” Tommy said smiling.

Bertram grinned back with a contented serene look of the sheer joy of ownership.

NEWS FLASH! An asteroid is approaching the earth that could wipe out all life on impact!

  Bertram’s Father, who had just arrived, looked over his shoulder and asked, “Is that your new phone Bertie?” Very smart, how are you getting on with it?”

 Bertram said, “I love it, Dad! Just one problem I keep getting strange messages up from one of the Apps”

 “Oh that’s easy son, just dump the inconvenient App. Press that button there and enjoy some uninterrupted surfing.”

 There was a click and the news App was deleted, Father and son smiled serenely as the football game began on television.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.