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A prompt response to ~ http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/

261. Rocks and Gems: Write about a rock or gemstone meaning.


“For example, the light that reflects through a gemstone crystal, or energy emanating from it is thought to facilitate healing when the gemstone is placed on vital parts of the body. This use of gemstones and minerals for healing is called lithotherapy, and this field is gaining popularity throughout the world of alternative therapy.”  

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by John Yeo

     Marquita was crying, sobbing loudly. The family was gathered around a pile of rugs and blankets in the corner of the room. One had to look closely to discern a thin emaciated child wrapped up in this grubby pile of bedding. Her breath was laboured and her chest shuddered from the effects of a hacking cough, that seemed to come from deep within her very soul. The wise old Shaman had visited and with a tear in the corner of his crinkled eye, he just shook his head and left.

    “She is dying Jose!”  cried Marquita, “Our little child Conchita, is going to our forefathers before her time. Is there nothing we can do?”

  Jose just cried aloud, pleading, sobbing tears. “No Marquita, there is nothing.”

At that point a familiar figure entered the room, Jose’s brother,  Pietro made an announcement.

     “My family, I bring hope, a slender hope. An elder of our neighbouring family,  talks of a cavern inside the hill, carved from solid rock. This cavern contains a huge crystal gemstone, shaped into a perfect square, shaped over generations by water dripping from within, from the very walls and the ceiling. The light from the entrance to this cavern reflects through the dead centre of the crystal gemstone, facilitating healing, and bringing recovery to the afflicted. We must transport Marquita there at once, during the current cycle of midsummer sun reflection.”

  Almost immediately the mood lightened as hope spread from person to person in a tidal wave. Conchita was quickly placed on a stretcher and lifted high in the air by four strong, young men, and a woeful procession began through the valley to the mysterious hill beyond.

   The cave was hidden behind a dense thicket, and the members of the procession physically pulled back the branches to enter a large clearing at the entrance.

   There was a stunned silence as the huge four-sided, shining, crystalline gemstone became clearly visible as the sun sparkled, warmly.

   Conchita was lifted from the stretcher onto the huge gemstone to bathe in the healing power emanating from the beautiful blue crystal light.

  The silence, punctuated with hope, was broken as Conchita suddenly sat up on the hard exterior of the stone. “Mama!”

  There were grateful, gracious, tears replacing the woeful weeping as she was placed back on the stretcher, with the ghost of a smile on her face.

  Over the next few weeks, Conchita just got stronger and stronger, leading to a full recovery.

  The magical crystalline gemstone disappeared when an earthquake struck the island shortly afterward. Many searches have been made for this miraculous marvel, to no avail, some say it has gone forever.


(443 WORDS)


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



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