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I decided to resurrect and improve the following piece of Flash Fiction I wrote last year. A friend was wondering about what would one wish for in the event of miraculously having access to three wishes with no strings attached, within 200 words. I just had to make this interesting, with a little unexpected twist at the end. Word count is the most interesting way I know of slimming down a piece of writing to the bare bones.


by John Yeo

‘Well Roger, your three wishes have almost completely expired Two of them have already been used. You are extremely wealthy and ageless, you will live as long as the world turns around the sun. I understand you have a special request for your third and final desire. What would you like?’

‘Yes Master, I have given much thought to my final request, and I ask for a companion to share eternity with, I will get lonely on my own and I would love a special friend to share my life with.

‘That is possible Roger, do you have anyone in mind?’
‘I want to be with that Angel on the pedestal in the park, I would like a pair of wings just like hers. We could be happily together for eternity.’
‘Are you absolutely sure this is what you wish for, to be with your Angel Roger? I can make this final wish come true for you.’
‘Yes please Master,’
Then with a wave of the magic wand Roger was turned to stone.

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Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.