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Sunday Photo Prompt 25/02/2019

The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the photo prompt.

Photo Courtesy of Susan Spaulding


by John Yeo

Matilda was a gifted child, always at the top of her class, with many other talents, she was well thought of in her community. Matilda was a chorister in the church choir, always singing her heart out and bringing tears to the eyes of everyone who heard her. She got straight A’s in her exams and she was looking forward immensely to going to university, to study Creative Writing.
Her sixth form friends had a nickname for her, Matilda was known as little Goody Two Shoes.
Four years later there was a huge shock to everyone who knew her when Matilda’s photograph was splashed across the front pages of the daily newspapers. Everyone was shocked to hear that Matilda was the brains behind a series of financial insurance scams.
In her defence, Matilda stated she had started to experiment to research a book she intended to write, and the whole thing just got out of hand. The Judge showed no mercy as he ordered her ill-gotten gains be seized and sent her to jail.
Matilda served two years in prison and became incredibly wealthy from the sales of a series of books based on her experiences.

(196 WORDS)

© Written by John Yeo all rights reserved.


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