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Welcome to What Pegman Saw, a 150-word weekly writing prompt inspired by the photos found on Google Maps.

This week Pegman takes us to Portmeirion Village in Wales.

Portmeirion Village, Wales | Google Maps


by John Yeo

Not many people are aware of a valley near Portmeirion that is a renowned centre for Cryopreservation. My Father was Sir Alexander Hastings, a wealthy Industrialist, I was the only family member who shared a secret. Father had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer one month ago. He had deteriorated rapidly but he had suddenly altered his plans for a revolutionary preservation of his body by Cryonics. Father is a devoutly religious man who wondered if freezing his body at the point of death, with the hope of awakening when a cure for Cancer had been found he would be interfering with God’s plans for him. Would he be the same person he once was or an empty shell of the memory of who he once had been? Would he be rudely reawakened from eternal life?
Father will finally be at rest in the graveyard of the Pink Church in Portmeirion.

© Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved

The Pink Church in Portmeirion

9 thoughts on “FATHERS DILEMMA

  1. Does the soul freeze well? Good question. Having tasted the difference between fresh and frozen vegetables, I can see why he might be concerned, and err on the side of tradition. 😊

    Of course, one could also consider the quality of the soul after barbequeing, or consider a soul’s “shelf life, ” when ones body is buried.

  2. Thanks Karen, the outcome of both sides of the argument and his right or wrong decision are unknowable of course. But have to agree his choice does seem the more comfortable option. 💤

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