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Monday 1st April 2019

This is a response to Robert Lee Brewers Poem a day for the month of April 2019.

Day One.

For today’s prompt, write a morning poem. Maybe you’re a morning person, maybe not. Your poem can be about a morning. Or it can be set during the morning. And those who’ve done this before probably already know that I have no problem with you interpreting this as a “mourning poem.”


By John Yeo

Dawn breaks on a mist dampy day

Frost fills the air and colours the parkway,

January shadows, loom and recede

Not a sound to shatter the icy mead.


Then, a deep-throated sonata from a nearby bush

A fusion of birdsong to break the hush

Rising and falling to colour the morning

A Blackbird song signals a new day dawning.


The rich fluty quality, the tuneful sound

Resounds and is heard for miles around

This natural symphony is a beautiful warning,

A territorial stakeout, he is seriously performing.


He whistles and warbles sweet sound in profusion,

Smooth trilling notes with a melody in perfect fusion,

My eyes narrow in the cold morning light

To catch sight of the songster before he takes flight.


The silence seems melodic and richly outspoken,

Then, the smooth flow of notes is suddenly broken,

A cry of alarm sounds, wings flap with a whir

The Blackbird flies from the danger of feathers or fur.


His natural defense against Man, Feline or Hawk,

Against the danger of attack or predatory stalk,

He will surely return when the threat is gone,

Safety beckons and he will take up his song.


A melody of love and careful protection

Of his territory, his nest after careful selection.

The beautiful warning resumes, a mass of sound,

Tuneful, melodic with a clarity profound.


Lifting my spirits, all danger is past

I return to my allotment and take up my task.

I turn the soil, suddenly with a whir of the wing

A blackbird arrives for food for his offspring.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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