For today’s prompt, write a catch poem. Catch a cold, a ball, a fish, or someone’s eye.

Tuesday 16th January 2019


Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem-A-Day on Writers Digest

Image courtesy of pixabay.com


by John Yeo

Explore the dream, wherever it leads,
A voyage aboard a fishing trawler.
Brave the storms and high rough seas,
Follow the Albatross to explore the North.

The temperature slowly gets colder
Huge shapes appear on the horizon,
Icebergs, slowly sliding into view,
The ice field stretches for miles.

Land on the starboard, rocks and high cliffs,
Seabirds fill the skies and seas
Screaming, fighting, vying for food.
We traverse the channel to the craggy shore.

Uncharted territory, unexplored mystery,
A new direction to a brand new bay.
Formed from the slowly melting ice sheet,
Covered and unseen for centuries.

Dolphins and Whales are visible here
Feeding in the life filled seas.
We approach the shore and cast  our nets,
Our hold fills rapidly bursting with fish.

A bloody battle near the shore
As a tiger shark kills a seal.
The Captain holds the ship steady
Nature in the raw. Then a storm breaks.

Our Captain turns the vessel around
We head off fast from the turmoil,
High winds, snow and huge rough waves,
Homeward bound with the catch.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

image courtesy of pixabay.com