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Time for our fourth (but not final) Two for Tuesday of the month! Pick one prompt or use both…your choice!

Write a free poem. Write a not free poem.

Remember: These are just matches meant to spark your creativity; you are free to poem wherever you wish.

Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem-A-Day on Writers Digest

Image courtesy of pixabay.com


by John Yeo

“Do you have to torture me, trapped in here?
I enjoy your treats when I cry out to you.
I think you like the sound of my voice
Complaining in tune.”
“I particularly hate that hook by the window,
Where you sometimes hang this cage.
I envy the freedom of birds in flight.
My soul breaks out in tune.”
“My heart is slowly wasting away
I am losing the urge to keep up the fight,
Yet whenever I try to reach you, to beg for release,
You reward my tune with a treat.”

Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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