Collateral Peace

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Riga Cathedral, Riga, Latvia | Woongyoung Park, Google Maps

Collateral Peace

by John Yeo

‘Thou shalt not kill:’ Intoned the priest.

A small clear voice interjected from the congregation. ‘What about the weapons of killing stored in the cloisters?’
There was a sudden stunned silence as the venerable priest continued preaching, regardless of this uncalled for interruption.
‘Father do these cannon not signify a breach of the sacred teaching constituting a manifest hypocrisy?’
There was a loud ripple of voices drowning the flow of the sermon.
Then another voice loudly exclaimed. ‘Indeed Father: Cannon are indiscriminately fired at anyone, threatening, killing and maiming.’
The priest raised his hands to silence this diversion from his teaching, after a brief period of quiet, he replied.
‘The cannon are used to emphasise our strength and are a simple deterrent. Should they ever be fired any collateral killing would be the work of the cannon balls. There would be no blood on our hands or our conscience.’

Cannon balls at Riga Cathedral ~ Image © John and Margaret
Cloisters at Riga Cathedral ~ Image © John and Margaret

150 Words, on Riga Cathedral in Latvia, written for . A weekly photo prompt on WordPress based on images from the chosen location.

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