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The Market under canvas.

A memorable facet of our trip to sample the culture of Thailand were our visits to the outdoor night markets. One particular small market we visited was an eye-opening experience to say the least. 

The market took place on a piece of waste ground where some large marquees were erected. The market was crowded with people, both visitors to the island and many local people.

Many stalls were selling electronic goods, souvenirs, and jewellery. 

A large variety of goods for sale at negotiable prices

Colourful clothes on sale prices subject to the bartering process.

There were the usual preponderance of clothing stalls, many selling clothes with designer names and labels.
Interesting cauldrons of exotic soup.

At the far end of this busy thriving market was an area with food stalls, where cooked chicken, soup and pastries were being prepared while you wait.
The open flame griddle in action.

Instant street food!

Stalls selling exotic fruits and vegetables were doing a roaring trade, obviously popular with the local people and the visitors.

Red meat on sale.

However the most shocking sight to confront our delicate, educated systems were the stalls preparing and selling raw meat and fish. 

Cuts of meat exposed to the open air.

Raw red meat and raw poultry were, cut, chopped and displayed on the stalls in the open air. The blood dripping from the cuts of meat attracted zillions of flies and apart from the occasional whisk with a swatter, there was absolutely nothing that could be done about it.
Street food cooked on the stalls.

Fresh fish was piled up on one stall and was selling briskly.

Street food cooked and rapidly sold.
Food for thought.
The atmosphere of this colourful market was wonderful to experience and we happily wandered around bartering for our purchases.
One reaction to our visit was my resolution never to be tempted to buy street food abroad ever again.