Steam Trains


 I snapped the above photograph when Margaret and I travelled on the train pictured above last Summer.  Hopefully the leisure steam train industry will survive the current lockdown ban, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

  This wonderful image takes me back in time to the days when these wonderful steam trains would transport millions of people from town to city to metropolis around the various railway lines across the world. Nowadays they mainly carry tourists and leisure time enthusiasts on short journeys from point A to point B. Sadly, due to government restrictions on the use of coal to enable the country to become carbon neutral in the future, it’s feared that the price of coal will go through the roof and these wonderful railway engines will become uneconomical to use. This will make photographs like this rarer and rarer, as demand for the steam railway leisure industry declines for lack of affordable seats. 

  Margaret and I have had the pleasure of riding on the North Norfolk Poppy steam train line on a number of occasions with various grandchildren. It’s always a delight to see the children’s faces light up as they watch the fires being stoked in the engine, before boarding. The authentic carriages are comfortable and the windows look out onto a wonderful view of the countryside as the train sedately steams along. These railways are staffed by volunteers who are always dressed in the original style uniforms. The children love to see them acting their parts as guards and ticket collectors and there is usually a stationmaster on hand when the intrepid tourist travellers board and exit the trains. Thankfully, I’m sure these smoke-emitting, steamy trains will survive, in spite of the smoky coal-fired air surrounding them, wherever they travel. They should forever bring pleasure to children of all ages who delight in reliving History.