by John Yeo

These are the latest photographs of our main activity in life during the lockdown period we are enduring at the moment, thanks to the accursed Coronavirus.
Our allotment is moving forward nicely, with most of our seeds sown and growing healthily. Thanks to a good few hours of collaborative hard work.

It’s strange the way our interests and activities have changed over the years. Margaret was a nurse for most of her working life and with the pressures of a career and bringing up a family she had no time, or inclination, to develop an interest in gardening. I lived in a flat in London and worked in an office for many years before I eventually took an allotment and this opened the doors to a whole new world.

The benefits and the positive aspects of allotment gardening are numerous. Fresh air, fresh vegetables, healthy exercise with the added advantage of being close to Nature. We both now take an interest in planting tiny seeds and watching them germinate and turn into healthy plants. It has become almost a full time job taking care of our individual sections of the allotment. Fighting off the natural pests and diseases and breaking our backs bending to remove the weeds that proliferate, soaking up the water and nourishment we provide for the vegetables.

This has become a complete new way of life for both of us in contrast to our earlier careers in life. Love ♥️ and Peace ☮️ from John and Margaret 🎎🙂🙂🌞