by John Yeo

So far Margaret and I have come through this lockdown period extremely well, despite being confined together in our home for 24 hours a day. We have been quite happily following our separate pass-times and interests. My writing is keeping me occupied and Margaret has just taken some tentative steps to return to writing again, having set up her own independent website. We both love reading and we never differ about what programmes to watch on television. Above all, the secret of our lives together, lies in the fact that we actually like each other as people. Quite a good recipe for both of us, after we initially fell madly in love with each other and got married 15 years ago.

Sometimes the old aphorisms seem to contain more truth embedded in them than we realise at face value. I can see this even more now as we were thinking of taking a holiday in the near future. The lure of distant lands and exploring different shores and scenes is always strong. Excitedly the build-up and the preparations fill the mind with expectations of a change of scenery. New horizons beckon with the magic and the mystique of unknown cultures that one has barely had any contact with. Then in some of the quieter moments, between the pressure of the arrangements, uncomfortable feelings creep into the consciousness. A look through the kitchen window reveals the beauty of some Spring flowers still displaying beautiful colourful blooms in the garden. The lush green colour of our lawn, still fiercely full of growth and looking homely familiar and attractive

This brings to mind the very old aphorism.

‘The Grass is always Greener on the other Side of the Hill.’

In my experience this is never the case in reality. Often when one heads for distant parts the different climate has the habit of scorching the grass and the green rapidly becomes a dried up brown.

This is also very true of the living conditions for the residents in some of these tropical holiday destinations. From the shelter of the other side of the hill, that tropical paradise, beckoning invitingly on the surface, seems to reflect a real easy pace with a laid-back style of living. Sadly this is often not the case and the inhabitants are looking with longing to visit our homeland. There is a tremendous envy of our standard of living and our way of life, wherever we roam.

The warm sun reflected on the surface of a calm tropical sea with sandy beaches and palm trees, sometimes hides the tropical storms of unemployment, poverty and the hidden dangers that can rise to the surface without warning.

This brings to mind another very old aphorism.

‘There is no place Like Home.’

Yes! I think it is wonderful to travel abroad and see the world. That to me, makes the coming home all the sweeter.

When this lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic is over, Margaret and I will probably become home-birds and think deeply and carefully before we make any future travel plans.

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