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 These beautiful photographs show more of the luscious blooms on our two Tree Peony shrubs in the garden. These impressive blooms have just burst open, they’re the first we’ve seen this year. The buds have been around for the last couple of weeks. The huge deep pink, flower heads, blossom freely, showing their ephemeral beauty. Then about 7 days later the heads wither and die, then drop off the plant. These superb plants originated in China, where they were once celebrated as the national flower. After much hybridisation they are now widespread in many parts of the world. In ancient times, Peonies were used for medicinal purposes including curing headaches, relieving pain during childbirth and the treatment of asthma. Long ago, people believed that Peonies protected them from demons. During the Victorian era, Peonies were extremely popular and could be seen growing in gardens throughout England. If you have ants in the garden, they will be attracted to a sugary coating on the Peony flower buds. I have to admit I have never noticed ants on our Peonies. Both Butterflies and Bees are attracted to the rich nectar produced by Peonies.

Written by John Yeo

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