Feeling in a philosophical sort of mood today I resurrected and updated a couple of my old poems. 
The first deals with Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, for short. If only the present horrors of Coronavirus, could be reduced to a need for more sunlight.

by John Yeo

Spring into Summer with floral delight
Blooms and blossoms fill the air.
Farmers fields are bursting with growth,
Green shoots and yellow rape everywhere.
The weather forecast has the pollen count.
Nothing to worry about, no surprise
A fit of sneezing with watery eyes
As hay fever sets in again.

Autumn into Winter with frost and rain,
Windy weather prompts the leaves to fall.
Reds, gold and russet, a beautiful sight,
The shorter days with dark icy nights.
The weather forecast predicts heavy snow.
Nothing to worry about, no surprise
A fit of sneezing with watery eyes
Resort to bed with the flu.

Seasonal affective disorder strikes
With a low mood and depression.
Regularly during the Winter months
Sunlight is reduced during shorter days.
The weather forecast is dire.
Nothing to worry about, no surprise
The doctor’s diagnosis is incomplete
Sit in front of a lamp and soak up the light.

Seasonal affective disorder retreats
With the arrival of early Spring.
Lightness and happiness sets in again
Balmy breezes and very light rain.
The weather person is smiling.
Nothing to worry about, no surprise
The world wakes up in a blaze of glory
With thoughts of a relaxing holiday.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

by John Yeo

This hard Oak survived for many a year;
Strong, weatherbeaten, standing up with pride,
A powerhouse with stores of food for life,
Birds, Squirrels and Insects make their homes here.

Lives that thrive in the overspreading leaves,
With a multitude of living green shoots
A sturdy thick trunk that branches and leads
To an underground sea of tangled roots.

Spring brings forth a flood of budding new growth
Summer settlement then Autumn leaves fall,
Shooting and thrusting a thick strong outgrowth.
A magnificent Oak sturdy and tall.

Huge machinery brings extra sharp blades
Hopes cut down as a history cascades.

© John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

As current events have shown nothing is perpetual. I think life has shown that even the strongest people can be cut down with this Coronavirus. An abomination that certainly shows no discrimination. Yet there will alway be hope and renewal even from the tiniest acorn hiding in the undergrowth.