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TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020


I snapped these photographs of a pair of nesting swans on a visit to the park last year. This set me thinking of the swans who congregate in this beautiful place. This nest was situated on a tiny island in a man-made lake at the centre of the park.

This lake attracts many wildfowl drawn by the certainty of a free meal. There’s a wooden structure packed with bags of duck food and an honesty box where one can place money. A price list is attached and the system seems to work.

People feed the birds mainly from the shore of the lake where the food is on sale. A variety of waterfowl vie for these free meals.

I spotted canada geese. mallard ducks, large white geese and a sprinkling of moorhens and of course quite a few swans. The waterfowl were hugely outnumbered by large aggressive seagulls, who swooped down and greedily stole food literally from the beaks of the ducks and geese.

I have never seen so many gulls screeching and clamouring, aggressively attacking the far larger waterfowl in competition for the free food. There was a small bridge near the island, where our swan in the photograph above was sitting on her nest, cautiously guarded by the cob swan, amid the clamour of the feeding frenzy that was taking place nearby.




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