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SUNDAY 10th MAY 2020


   We’ve been holding back from putting any plants in the ground on the allotment, due to the adverse weather conditions we’re experiencing, and are forecast for the next few days. The above collage shows some of the healthy looking plants Margaret and I have grown from seed and nurtured. We have baby Kale, Tomatoes, Leeks, Runner Beans, Beetroot, and many more tiny seedlings growing strongly. The larger green plantlets in the picture are Courgettes, looking  extraordinarily healthy. Last year, for some unknown reason, our Courgettes weren’t very successful. Usually we have a glut of wonderful Courgettes that threaten to grow into quite large marrows. We usually give some of these excess fruits away. Margaret was puzzling about how to use them until she discovered a recipe for Courgette cake. This turned out to be relatively easy to make and tasted delicious. We plan to take a chance and plant the Courgettes and Kale on this coming Thursday, although they will still require protection from any late frost. It would be tragic if we lost any of our tender plants to Jack Frost.

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