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by John Yeo

A prompt response to the weekly Friday prompt from ‘What the Pegman Saw.’ A weekly writing prompt to write a story in 150 words based on a different photograph from Google maps.

Joey was acting as a gambler, a man who would bet on anything that moved or resulted in a half predictable result. Joey had met a man in a bar in downtown Providence. Clarke Ball was an avid entrepreneur who was heavily involved in the cruel sport of cockfighting. A deal was in the offing. Clarke was pushing Joey to buy a Rhode Island Red cockerel.

‘You can’t go wrong with this local bird, you put the money up and we split the winnings. Of course you, as the owner will take most, I’ll handle the arrangements for a small percentage.’

Later the two men met on the outskirts of town, Clarke pulled a box off his van. Joey took one look, then turned to his new friend and pulled out his police ID.

‘I’m arresting you for promoting illegal cockfighting.’

Joey had outfoxed another foxy villain

(148 WORDS)

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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