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by John Yeo

MONDAY 18th MAY 2020


I thought I would display a photograph of a varied bone china tea set that we were served with, in a delightful little tea shop In

town. We love the authenticity of drinking tea from bone china.

The presence of a tea strainer suggests there are authentic tea leaves in the pot. This is another aspect of the ritual having tea that has sadly gone to the dogs with the universal introduction of tea bags.

Looking closely at the tea set, it becomes clear that not one of the pieces actually match. They are obviously a mismatch of various tea sets that have been put together randomly. I love the teapotwith the birds and butterflies, this was probably from an expensive tea set that suffered breakages of individual pieces over the years and it now lives with the remains of several other tea sets. I wonder if the proprietors of this tea shop rescued these individual pieces from charity shops and jumble sales.

I hesitate to think how many people have enjoyed afternoon tea from these separate pieces over the years and under what circumstances. There must be a thousand gallons of water and washing up liquid and gallons of tea that have passed through and gently caressed the delicate surfaces. Every cup tells a story.


by John Yeo

A tiny spark of dormancy waits for revival,

Encased in a fuzzy cloud of mundanity.

When time and the mixture of conditions allow

Growth begins from within the uncertainty.

A creation of beauty is coming slowly together.


The beauty and the perils that await the entity,

As a fragile life becomes stronger with time.

The magical moment when a muddle of words

Takes a solid shape in a rough draft outline.

A creation shaped slowly with poetical guidance.


Words encased with fine vibrancy, line by line.

Ringing through the portals of the poets mind.

The entity that grew from a shapeless design.

A thing of beauty with strength and fluidity

Produced and nurtured from a tiny seedling.

A vision; then the growth of beauty in words.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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