TUESDAY 19th MAY 2020


wp-1589899809202.jpgCORONA CRUISE

  I was trawling through my library of photographs to find something to ignite the fires of inspiration when I came across this photograph of the bow of a cruise ship we were traveling on three years ago. The bow pointing towards an empty sea, with the sea touching the blue sky on the horizon looks perfect. There is no clue to the destination the vessel is headed for or the port from which it has just sailed from. I got to thinking the first impression that springs to mind is of a luxury cruise in the sunshine to a tropical destination. Always something of a dream for the landlocked worker until this covid-19 pandemic arrived. We are all struggling to overcome this coronavirus monstrosity at the moment. In effect this picture just about sums up the whole pandemic in a nutshell. It is unknown where the virus originated and there’s certainly no sure outcome on the horizon. The recent stories of people trapped in the confines of luxury cruise ships that are floating virus factories have been horrific. This photograph could be viewed in the context of a floating, viral, germ carrier that is desperately trying to get a foothold and touch the first available port. For the passengers the prospect of utter luxury becomes a floating nightmare as the virus spreads throughout the ship and they are confined to their cabins in isolation. The very nature of a cruise ship, with its reliance on air conditioning and the close association of the passengers in the lounges and dining areas, make it extremely easy for a virus to spread. This brings to mind the recent norovirus outbreaks the cruise industry have been struggling with for the last few years. 

Fortunately Margaret and I have never had the unpleasant experience of being involved in these sort of shocking circumstances during our cruising lives. We will certainly be thinking long and hard about any future sea cruises in the future.

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