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by John Yeo

  The Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley, was perturbed as her ship pulled away from Clare Island. The plan was to sail to England and plead for mercy from Queen Elizabeth. There were just two major hurdles to climb. Her two piratical rivals Drake and Raleigh were reported to be at court. Granuaile, as she was popularly known, had encountered both of these pirate seafarers on the high seas and there was no love lost between them. The ship was first scheduled to visit Galway harbour to stock supplies. Granuaile and her bosun Patrick met with some fellow seafarers in a hostelry near the Spanish Arch. It was here she received a message from Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Walsingham, warning her not to attempt a meeting at this time as her two infamous rivals knew her plans and were waiting. However, the message clearly inferred she would be received by the Queen.

(149 WORDS)

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Word count: 149. Written for this week’s What Pegman Saw  writing challenge. Every week, Pegman takes us to a new place on Google maps, and we get to search around for whatever sights catch our fancy.

This week Pegman takes us to Galway, Ireland. 

Connemara Galway Folklore and Legend
Connemara’s bleak and beautiful landscape and strong tradition of storytelling have given rise to fantastic superstitions, folklore and legends which were passed down through the generations in tales told by a winter fire. The most legendary of these surely Granuaile or Grace O’Malley, a fiery 16th-century pirate queen. She married Connemara man, Donall O’Flaherty, one of the ferocious O’Flaherty clan members, and they lived for a number of years at Bunowen near Ballyconneely. Renowned for her bravery, wrath and lawlessness, she became the scourge of any English ship that dared to sail her waters.
Confident to the last she reputedly sailed to London to meet Elizabeth I, secure a pardon for her wayward son and a pension for herself.

7 thoughts on “PIRATE QUEEN

  1. Excellent history here. I want to read more about the pirate queen. I’ve read about other women buccaneers and even a few who passed their lives at sea in the Royal Navy. Fascinating stuff!

    • Thanks for your feedback J Hardy. I was fascinated when I was researching Galway and this hit me between the eyes. If I had more wordspace I would have loved to have turned this into a swashbuckling yarn. Sadly its all myth. 🙂

  2. You had me at pirate queen! A fascinating bit of history or myth, either way!
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

    • Thanks Joy for your comment. If you Google, Grace O’Malley you will find masses of information. I was surprised, I had never heard of her before. 🙂

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