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THURSDAY 28th MAY 2020


by John Yeo

 Freedom to do as one likes is a hard-won state of mind.  

Freedom to enjoy life with the diversification that is Sport.

Support the team, follow the trials of athletics. 

Sportsmen and Sportswomen displaying incredible feats of sporting prowess.


Many levels of entertainment come under the title of sport.

A beautiful creature torn to pieces by a pack of snarling dogs.

Such is the fate of some beautiful Stags.

 ‘All in the name of Sport, you know.’


Then there are Pheasants,

A male bird has a colourful plumage, that can only be described as magnificent.

Sadly they are shot in their millions. 

‘All in the name of Sport, you know.

No harm done, they are bred to be shot.’


Wild Ducks are killed by the sporting hunters. 

Killed for food and pleasure 

The exhilarating thrill of the hunt. 

‘All in the name of Sport you know, culling is essential sometimes.’


The Fox can be a nuisance, randomly killing for the sake of it 

Leaving dead carcasses all over the place.

Traditionally Fox Hunters wear a smart red outfit,

Mount splendid Horses and follow the Hounds, 


Revelling in bloodshed as a Fox is torn to pieces.

‘All in the name of Sport, you know.

No harm done, their death is all part of the fun.

The hunt is an established tradition.’  

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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