Poetry on a tragedy. I was asked by an old friend to resurrect one of my poems to reflect a sad addiction. After some minor adjustments I came up with this seven year old piece. Love ❤️ and Peace ☮️ to all


by John Yeo

The hook is firmly implanted, 

The wheels of fortune are spinning.

Another win, my eyes are blurred 

The jackpot is there to be won


My arms repetitively pulling the handle

 The bright lights flash, the die is cast 

Clinking, clanking, coins inserted,

 Another small win to add to the fun.


More change required, I cannot leave, 

This machine owes me a jackpot,

 I signal a man who brings change.

I decline food until I have won.


Wow! That was close, the tumblers stopped, 

Two cherries and a bell on display 

Three cherries and I win the jackpot.

I scoop another bunch of coins and go on.


Suddenly I play with my last few coins, 

The jackpot is still nearly won.

If only I had a few more coins

 I would be able to continue the fun.


I beg the man on the next machine 

To advance me a very small loan.

Sorry he says, I am far too busy.

The jackpot still has to be won


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.