Writing Prompt

Write about two people who grow up together, eventually part ways, move to different sides of the country, and somehow still end up unintentionally running into each other very frequently for the rest of their lives.


by John Yeo

  St. Judes care home was located in a large house that was once a country mansion. Over 200 young boys aged between 13 and 16, were educated and cared for here. Martin had lost both his parents in a road accident and following a brief stay in a reception centre was allocated a place. The home was a residential school, based on the management and ethics of regular boarding schools. 

 Martin was overwhelmed with the change in his circumstances and took his time finding his way around and getting to know the ropes. Martin was a quiet boy, keeping himself to himself for the first couple of weeks as he adapted to his new environment. He was 13 years old, a stocky lad with brown eyes and a shock of brown hair that had been cut severely short during his first week at school.

 One day after breakfast he was on his way to the school hall for the morning assembly when he came across several boys shouting and tussling. Two larger boys were kicking a smaller lad who was lying on the ground with his hands over his head desperately trying to deflect their punishing boots, Martin instantly ran forward and started pushing the bigger boys to one side, punching wildly, as he took their attention away from the prone form on the concrete path. The smaller lad struggled to his feet and despite a nose that was streaming with blood started to fight alongside Martin. The two bigger boys were taken by surprise at this fight back and were fighting the two smaller boys, suddenly a loud voice from the corridor shouted, ‘Stop that at once!’ Mr Cuttle, one of the housemasters had turned the corner.

 The boys all fled in different directions, leaving Mr Cuttle to wonder. 

  This was how Martin, known throughout the school as Marty met his lifelong friend, Walter, known by everyone as Wally.

 Wally was a thin lad, 13 years old, with dark hair and blue eyes. An unusual combination that betrayed his Irish ancestry.

 They instantly became inseparable, firm friends and out for revenge on the two bullies.

 Marty had the bright idea of discovering who they were, what form they were in and following them, to discover their weaknesses and then strike. Wally was a popular boy, who had been at the school for a couple of months before Marty had arrived.

 Two days later, Marty said to Wally, 

     ‘I know who they are, they’re both prefects who have a reputation for being nasty people, they have many friends and we’ll have to be careful how we handle this.’

 Wally grinned and said,

 ’Don’t worry, I have a plan, we’ll trap them behind the bike sheds and teach them a lesson they will never forget. We will let it be known that we have a secret supply of cigarettes stashed there and when they come to check it, we’ll take them by surprise.’

 ‘Oh yes! Where will we get the cigarettes and how will we surprise them?” asked Marty.

 ‘Don’t worry! I have the cigarettes and all we need to do is drop a hint to Sneaky that we will be smoking behind the bike shed after dinner tonight. He’s bound to pass it on and we can lie in wait.’ replied Wally.

 Everything went off fabulously well and later that night Wally and Marty hid the cigarettes and climbed onto the bike shed roof to watch the fun. As predicted the two prefects arrived and discovered an unopened packet of cigarettes with matches lying on the floor with no one around, there were sounds of someone fleeing from the scene.

 The two bullies laughed and nudged each other, ‘They’re scared!’

At that moment a hail of missiles rained down from the bike shed roof and buckets of water were thrown soaking the two prefects.

 Wally and Marty leapt off the roof and proceeded to exact their revenge on the two bigger lads, using their fists and their feet.

Blood was everywhere as the bigger boys were beaten and ran for it towards the school building.

 The next day found the two bullies with a black eye each and one had a split lip, which looked rather nasty.

 Nothing was ever said about this and rumour had it that two prefects had been beaten by some trespassers in the school grounds.

 Wally and Marty knew they would never admit to having been beaten up by two much smaller young boys.

 Wally and Marty got through their school years getting into many other scrapes together. They went their separate ways after they left school and met up again in the army and many other separate occasions over their lifetimes. Taking care of each other in many strange adventures and circumstances.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.