Here is my entry for today 22nd June2020
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   Chef was inspecting the delivery of fresh vegetables to the kitchen at the rear doors

Jim Green was a smallholder who provided as much locally grown vegetables to the businesses and shops in the area as he could harvest. 

  ‘Morning Jim! What have you brought for us today? I hope you remembered everything on my order.’

  ‘Yes Sir’ Jim replied. ‘I’ve got everything you ordered, luscious Lettuce, healthy Kale and some beautiful Cabbages. Oh! not forgetting the special Spinach you requested me to grow specially for your breakfast customers.’

 ‘Excellent Jim, let me just have a quick look. The Lettuces look wonderful, crisp and green, and the Kale look beautiful. Just a moment though the Spinach is full of spots.’

 ‘That’s because they’re special Sir, the spots give it a delicious flavour.’

© Written by John Yeo