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by John Yeo

Wally and Mike were off to visit an illegal rave-up. Free music with all their online friends in the local park.

‘Wally, look at all the people here! Hey! Carol and Gloria. How are you both.’

Gloria pushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes and smiled. ’We’re good aren’t we Carol.’

‘Yes!’ giggled Carol, ‘We sneaked out and got here as soon as we heard about the rave.’

Mike interjected with, ‘ My Dad was a bit funny because of this virus thing that’s going around, but everyone says it’s only a scare and not worth worrying about.’

‘Yes!,’ said Wally, ‘We can enjoy ourselves and hope for the best.’

The four friends had a wonderful time dancing the night away. It 

It wasn’t until later that they realised that the whole thing had been televised and their parents were sure to see it on the news.

All hell broke loose when they got home. Wally said to his Dad

‘It should be alright as we are too young to catch it.’

I hope so for your sake! You’re grounded anyway.’ Shouted his Dad

It wasn’t until his Grandad was in hospital they both realised how stupidly shallow those hopes had been.

© Written by John Yeo

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